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Why “Uncontested Divorces” Are Rarely Uncontested

Divorcing couples often object to setting foot in Maryland family law offices, claiming that their divorce is uncontested.  The most common reason for this claim is that each party wants to save money by eliminating the need for a lawyer.  … Continue reading

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Train Derailment Kills Two Teens in Howard County

Maryland personal injury lawyers are sometimes tasked with making the best of a tragic situation.  Every year, thousands of people are killed by the negligence of other citizens, defective product designs, and negligent maintenance of private or public fixtures.  When … Continue reading

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Olympics Commercials Warn of Distracted Driving Accidents

The Games of the XXX Olympiad came to a dramatic end this past Sunday, signaled by all the pomp and circumstance on the closing ceremonies in London.  While these Games will be remembered by many people for the tremendous displays … Continue reading

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What Happens to the Family Business After Divorce?

Maryland divorce attorneys are routinely asked by their clients to explain what will happen to the family business.  After all, the State of Maryland recognizes most family businesses as marital property, meaning that the value of the business accumulated during … Continue reading

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Should I Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

        Traditionally, prenuptial agreements have been viewed with displeasure both in popular culture and in Maryland courts.  In a society that values the sanctity of marriage and the lifelong link between the lives of two people, the … Continue reading

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